Really Lovely Friends

We all have friends.  And we all have REALLY good friends.   But, when was the last time that you told your REALLY good friend how much they mean to you?  I have a suggestion for you. . . .read on and find out what it is!

Lovely Friends, Stampin' Up!, BJ Peters, #lovelyfriends, #stampinup,, #bjpeters, #stampinupdemonstrator, #rubberstamping, #handstampedcard, #diy, #friendcard, #2stepstampingIn the amazing new 2017 annual Stampin’ Up! catalog, there is a stamp set called Lovely Friends.  It’s a set of 23 stamps that are all about friends – and it has THE BEST greetings for friends I have ever seen in a stamp set!  When I made this card, I thought about my friends that I had a retreat with a couple of weeks ago.

Magnificant Friends!Don’t these Friends look FABULOUS!   They are Lovely Friends and I need to share that sentiment with them.

So, my challenge for you is to make a card and tell your really good friends how much they mean to you.  Imagine how special they will feel when they get a card in the mail from you with that special message in it!

I will be sending mine out this weekend!




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