We all have friends.  And we all have REALLY good friends.   But, when was the last time that you told your REALLY good friend how much they mean to you?  I have a suggestion for you. . . .read on and find out what it is!

Lovely Friends, Stampin' Up!, BJ Peters, #lovelyfriends, #stampinup, #staminbj.com, #bjpeters, #stampinupdemonstrator, #rubberstamping, #handstampedcard, #diy, #friendcard, #2stepstampingIn the amazing new 2017 annual Stampin’ Up! catalog, there is a stamp set called Lovely Friends.  It’s a set of 23 stamps that are all about friends – and it has THE BEST greetings for friends I have ever seen in a stamp set!  When I made this card, I thought about my friends that I had a retreat with a couple of weeks ago.

Magnificant Friends!Don’t these Friends look FABULOUS!   They are Lovely Friends and I need to share that sentiment with them.

So, my challenge for you is to make a card and tell your really good friends how much they mean to you.  Imagine how special they will feel when they get a card in the mail from you with that special message in it!

I will be sending mine out this weekend!




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