, Storage by Stampin' Up!, Stampin' Up!, Storage Ideas, SUPER excited to introduce you to Storage by Stampin’ Up!  I know that you like to have your crafting supplies easily accessible and right at your fingertips when you want them.   We have long awaited storage solutions and you are going to love this solution for it’s easy customization to any craft space or event on the go!

You’ll Want to Know

  • modular storage that will fit any workspace – customize to your hearts content!
  • keeps products organized, tidy, visible and trackable at all times
  • ensures that Stampin’ Pads, Stampin’ Write Markers and Stampin’ blends are all stored horizontally as recommended
  • designed to be stylish (who doesn’t love white!), durable, compact, stackable and modular
  • blends in naturally with most home decor with its white neutral color
  • stacks vertically and can be arranged to fit practically any flat workspace
  • easily assembled and disassembled for rearrangement and/or cleaning


Customize Your Storage, Storage by Stampin' Up!, Stampin' Up!, Storage Ideas,, Storage by Stampin' Up!, Stampin' Up!, Storage Ideas, I am frequently asked how I store my embellishments.  Have you noticed in the top picture, the half wide Stamp Cases (featured in purple, pink and blue) What a great idea to design the Open Storage Cube to fit!  These cases work well for embellishments and I would highly recommend them.

Download this flyer to customize your space!

Do you wish you had a gorgeous, practical and fun stamping surface?    Stampin’ Up! is offering this gorgeous grid floral grid paper to customers! If has been available to demonstrators and we wanted to share this lovely floral grid paper with you!  Of course, you can still get our regular grid paper – a favorite of many.    Details?   When it is gone – it is gone., Stampin' Up!, Floral Grid PaperNow who can say no to these flowers?, Floral Grid Paper, Stampin' Up!

I invite you to order your papercrafting products in my online store.  As a small business owner, I appreciate your support of my business.  Just click on the images below and you are at my store!

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